My little sister, Rebecca, and I have a special relationship. Rebecca was born with an extra chromosome with a condition known as Trisomy 21 or, more commonly known as Down syndrome. Not only has having a sister with Down syndrome taught me about patience, but it has also connected me with the special needs community. For two years I have been thankful to be part of an organization called the Miracle League which gives children, teenagers, and young adults with special needs a chance to play baseball on a special baseball field made of rubberized material. I am the secretary for the youth board of Miracle League where we help plan fundraisers and events for the players and assist the players during the baseball games. As the secretary, I take notes during the meeting and promptly send them out, attend every event, and assist with running meetings when needed.

Another special needs organization I helped out with was Connection Point. Once a week during the school year I went and played card games, organized basketball games, played ping pong, and many other fun activities with adults who have a disability.  This provides a sense of community and forms strong bonds of friendship that are incredible to watch develop. I met so many sweet and amazing people through both of these foundations. Because of my sister’s special needs, I am comfortable around others who have a disability.

I served on the Student Council of a homeschool organization, Kalamazoo Area Tutoring (KAT) from 2020-2022. I have attended KAT for 10 years where I have taken a wide variety of classes. My sophomore year I decided I wanted to help make KAT more enjoyable for all the students who attend. I became the secretary for the board my first year. My responsibilities included taking diligent notes and sending them to the other council members, praying and making announcements during lunch, and attending and organizing events. During my junior year, I volunteered to be the president of the board. My responsibilities as president included creating meeting agendas and running meetings, checking in with the other council members, and planning events.


Reading is one of my favorite past times. Historical fiction and Regency romance are my top two favorite genres along with biographies and mysteries. Some of my favorite authors include Jocelyn Green, Carolyn Miller, Sarah E. Ladd, and Janet and Jeoff Benge. The Thief of Lawyn Manor is one of my most beloved books as it combines Regency romance with a robbery mystery and excellent, vibrant writing.

Baking is always a fun activity, whether it’s with my mom, cousin, or neighbor. My mom and I started a small business three years ago called Royal Cookies. In the business, we bake sugar cookies and decorate them with royal icing to look like characters, logos, or any fun ideas. In 2019 I competed in and won an edible book festival with my entry of Dr. Seuss royal icing cookies.

Traveling with my family holds some of my favorite memories! My family often travels with my dad when he has a business trip, which allows us to visit some incredible locations. Some of the most memorable trips were to the Cayman Islands, Cabo San Lucas, Barbados, Aruba, Austria, and the Czech Republic. I always look forward to spending quality time with my family as traveling requires us to communicate and rely on each other.

I have developed a regular job with babysitting for multiple families. Babysitting gives me flexibility in my schedule, it provides spending money when needed, and it allows me to maintain a balance between my job, school, and my extra-curricular activities. I received my Red Cross certification to babysit when I was twelve and I am also CPR certified through the Red Cross.  I have babysat all ages ranging from infant girls to 10-year-old boys.