I have been playing golf since I was a little girl and my dad took me to the golf course. My family is a member at the Kalamazoo Country Club where I play most of my golf when I am not playing in tournaments. I played in the junior golf programs at the club when I was younger and have continued to play in regional golf tournaments where I compete against other golfers in my age division.

I love the game of golf because of the many interesting and influential people I have met and continue to meet on the course and at the club. I love the fact that golf is a game I can play my whole life and with my family. My family is hugely invested in my golf game and I love how it is a great family sport.

My favorite club is my 8 iron, but my favorite part of the game is chipping and driving. Chipping and driving are the best part of my game, and where I am the most consistent. I’ve also caddied for my dad multiple times during his men’s golf league, and I’ve caddied for my uncle in his member-guest tournament.

Starting at the age of five, my dad and I have won the father-daughter tournaments at our club multiple times over the past many years. My mom and I have more recently started playing in the mother-daughter tournaments and we have won the last few years. My mom and I play as partners every Wednesday night in the ladies league at our country club. My dad and I usually play twice a week, but it varies based on our schedule. Once in a while, my little sister will play with me which is always fun! She plays Special Olympics golf, and it is always fun to watch her participate in events.

I have played on two competitive golf tours in the past couple of years.  These include the Meijer Callaway Junior Tour and the West Michigan Junior Golf Tour.  All of my posted scores can be found on GHIN or my golf round statistics can be found here.

My accomplishments at the Kalamazoo Country Club include:


  • Ladies Club Championship: Flight A Winner


  • Ladies Club Championship: Championship Flight Winner & Overall Club Champion
  • Ladies Member-Guest Tournament:  Championship Flight Winner & Tournament Runner-Up
  • Ladies Member-Member Tournament:  Low Gross Score; Aggregate 3rd Place Net Score; Overall 3rd Place


  • Ladies Club Championship: Championship Flight Winner & Overall Club Champion
  • Ladies Member-Member Tournament: 3rd Place

West Michigan Junior Golf Tour 2021 Tournament Results

6/17/21 at The Pines

7/5/21 at Railside

7/12/21 at Stonewater

7/29/21 at The Meadows

West Michigan Junior Golf Tour 2022 Tournament Results

6/29/22 at Boulder Creek

7/11/22 at Stonewater

7/21/22 at Saskatoon

7/28/22 at The Meadows